About F.I.T Medical Weight Loss & Optimization

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F.I.T Medical Weight Loss & Optimization is a superior weight loss clinic in Tomball, Texas, led by Treva Mitchell and Cherlonda Westley-Henry. F.I.T stands for “fixin’ it 2gether.” The mission at F.I.T Medical Weight Loss & Optimization is to offer holistic care for clients seeking weight loss, meeting them where they’re at on their health and wellness journey.

The practice offers a community environment where clients take accountability for their weight loss. The culture is welcoming and non-judgmental, focusing on weight loss and lifestyle changes that promote wellness.

F.I.T Medical Weight Loss & Optimization uses evidence-based and cutting-edge treatments and medications to make it easier for people to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime. Weight loss specialists tailor plans to match patients’ needs. They partner with primary care providers and nutritionists to maximize health and wellness.

Weight loss specialists spend as much time as clients need to help them overcome barriers. F.I.T Medical Weight Loss & Optimization offers dietary supplements, hormone therapy, peptide therapy, weight loss medications, and vitamin B12 injections. The team also offers nutrition counseling and custom meal plans.

Providers use gastrointestinal (GI) mapping, DUTCH hormone tests, PULS™ heart-health tests, and DIABETESpredict®, as well as expanded lipid panels, body composition analysis, and other wellness testing to customize highly effective weight loss and wellness plans.

To reach your goal weight and stay healthy, schedule a consultation with F.I.T Medical Weight Loss & Optimization by phone or online today.