Excuses, Choices, & Reality

Excuses, Choices, & Reality

Working out has never been a favorite activity of mine. The excuses were endless. They went something like this, “I’m tired. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll start fresh next week, next month, in the new year.” The reality was a lack of motivation and energy to work out. Not to mention the task seemed impossible! The truth is there’s no magic in this process. The real magic is deciding to start somewhere. Here are five small changes I made to get started.

  1. Accountability partner-I found an accountability partner that enjoys working out. She encouraged me to stay on track with my workouts.
  2. New mindset-I changed my mindset and learned to appreciate the benefits of exercise.
  3. Self-care-I learned the art of self-care. I cannot care for anyone unless I pause to watch for myself first. Exercise is now a part of my self-care regimen. 
  4. Goals- Set small manageable goals. I stopped setting myself up for failure by making false promises. You know those promises, “I’m giving up sugar, pies, cake, lattes, popcorn, etc.” Instead of denying myself these sweet treats, I limit my consumption. Let’s be honest; one slice of cake won’t add more belt notches. However, consuming an entire cake in a day will wreak havoc on your waistline. 
  5. Water-I started drinking more water. Proper hydration replaces hunger and helps with digestion.

Weight loss is a journey! However, self-awareness of habits and making small changes will put you back on the right path to health. 

Leave your best weight loss excuse in the comment section. Then, let’s see how we can fix it together!

Be encouraged,